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Life of Kylie: What Should We Expect?

I’m not going to lie to you all and say I’m not going to watch Life of Kylie. I actually plan on throwing a premier party for it, inviting me, myself and my bitchy alter ego and my cat who has yet to be named and be exposed to the Kardashian/Jenner crew.


But, as I said, you best believe I’m going to be watching. I already have questions thought, some I’d like answers to ahead of time, but wont get. The first is in what capacity were Ryan Seacrest and Kris Jenner involved? Are they producers? Are they writers? Did they even make the credits? Does Kylie even trust her mother with her career?


I also want to know who was responsible for these promos. Kylie has always been the most boring quiet of the children and also the most eloquent…not. The clips of Kylie gasping and saying “this is my life” leave a lot to be desired.

tenor (2).gif

Well excuseee me.

But I really don’t know what this show will be about? Is Tyga there? Dream Kardashian? We know Jordyn (if you don’t know who Jordyn is you aren’t a true fan) will be two steps behind Kylie the whole time, but who else is there?  And why are they there?

giphy (11).gif

Oh that makes sense.

And will Kylie be explaining her lips? Her lip kits? She says she wants people to see the real Kylie and she probably doesn’t want to stand in her sisters shadows on KUWTK, but will she actually be revealing a personality or just the genius behind Kylie Cosmetics? Both of which I’m interested in, I just want to be prepared…and I guess I’m curious.

giphy (10).gif

Oh well that’s a relief.  Not sure what we are going to realize, but I will be there on premier night, but watching an hour later….because maybe someone will realizes that putting this on during Game of Thrones was a huge mistake.

You should, Kylie.  Your really should.

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