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Bachelor in Paradise is Having a LIVE Finale

I don’t even know how they could do a live finale, but they are.  In another ploy to add fuel to the fire on an already burning season, Bachelor In Paradise will have a finale episode to catch up with everyone in the real world, after Mexico.


Yes, it is.  Since production was shut down and we lost a week of unrealistic and probably very boring dates, production needed a way to extend the season and give the contestants time to actually form relationships in more than two weeks.  Novel idea.

tenor (1).gif

Now, this has nothing to do with the sit down between Corinne and DeMario.  THAT little segment will air earlier in the season as it is something that “needs to be dealt with” early on….but not early on enough where one of the producers could have stepped in and helped a very drunk girl and boy from making very drunk mistakes.

giphy (5).gif

The live finale will be just like After the Final Rose and we will be seeing how all the made up couples (looking at you Robby and Amanda) are doing.  Now, I call out Robby and Amanda, but they might be the most honest couple of the season because they at least came to the show single.  I wonder if Chris will ask for a show of hands on who came to this show to self promote and has a boyfriend/girlfriend back home….

giphy (6).gif

I’m calling it now, if no one proposes in Paradise since they are only there for 12 days, there will be at least one proposal on this live finale….and maybe even a wedding.

giphy (7).gif

Only if you host it in a Hawaiian shirt.  Fingers crossed.

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