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Bachelor in Paradise Corinne and DeMario Footage

I tricked you into thinking the footage was revealed. It’s not, but keep reading. Either way you clicked this and I got a view sooooo


But there is some new information on what will be aired. Chris Harrison told Entertainment Weekly that they will film footage of Corinne and DeMario. Be more specific, Chris, WHAT FOOTAGE???  The footage of some very boring dates between Amanda and Robby or the footage that caused a man to be accused of sexual misconduct, lose his job and make his grandma cry.


I don’t want to sound like a perv, asking to see the infamous hook up, but I need to see the infamous hook up that gave them drama to exploit shut down production.   I also need to see the moment where everyone returns and is told they can only have two drinks per hour and Jorge can no longer be the bartender due to his heavy pour.

giphy (1).gif

Chris tells us we will start at the beginning (the first day of filming) and then cut to everyone returning to Paradise and telling us what happened and then showing us what happened…SHOWING US WHAT???  He says “to the best of my knowledge, you’re going to see more than enough to show you what led to the shut down”…..

giphy (3).gif

Still not sure what that means. Now, I’m don’t think that they will actually show the scene where production came up with their story line Corinne was informed she was sexual assaulted, but what I do know is that we won’t know anything until AT LEAST episode three. After losing a week of filming, you know they are going to drag this out so they hit their episode quota and that means our favorite thing: TO BE CONTINUED.


So either ABC is actually being semi honest and will show us what they can of the infamous hook up or they are still super concerned about ratings and want to hype this up even more than it already is and lie for the millionth time.  We are seriously one crisis away from bringing back Nick Viall who I am 99% has been single since the minute he stepped on the After the Final Rose stage.

giphy (8).gif

We only have so much time to dramatize this event that they wanted us to dramatize, but I am not holding my breath.  We’ve been lied to before by ABC.  We’ve also been tricked into thinking the story will be bigger than it is, so pour yourself a drink for those who cant use alcohol to convince themselves that they have fallen in love in less than two weeks and get ready to be underwhelmed.


See you soon, Paradise….and Amanda.


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