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Please Don’t Let it Be About Tom…

….it’s abou Tom.


Bravo Nation will remember where they were, at this time, for the rest of time. Today is the day that LuAnn announced, via her own twitter, that she and Tom are getting a divorce.

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We all knew it would happen eventually, but I swore up and down that this woman would wait at least a year for appearances sake, but I was wrong. Seven months after the wedding in Palm Beach/West Palm, LuAnn has taken to twitter to tell us all the news.


The tweet is interesting to say the least, most people wouldn’t use Twitter as a means to tell the world their marriage, but we live in a different world than the one they met in….

tenor (5).gif

JK, they’ve known each other not even two years.  The best part of the tweet is the response right below it from a Miss Ramona Singer “I am so sad for you….”  There is something about old people and “…” because its intend use is to imply shade or a pause, but when everyone over the age of fifty uses it, I have no idea what they mean.  My mom will send me “love you….” and I am always left wondering what she was going to say after that. Instead of over thinking this like I plan on doing, let’s just pretend this is Ramona being sad and not knowing what else to say.

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We should also note that this comes the day after one of the greatest trips in Housewives history and one that ended with the women saying what their rose and thorn moments were from the trip.  Luann chose Tom as her rose, pretending that she didnt know it was supposed to just be about the trip.  Looking back, doesn’t that seem a little strange, Lu?


The woman almost made it through an entire episode without mentioning her shady husband and instead it is the last line of the episode.  AND next week’s episode shows Tom flirting with another woman in front of all their gossipy friends and wanting to say something so not okay that he takes his mic off. Guess he was her rose and her thorn.


But in all honesty, I hope she has a prenup. I’m not sure what she can get from him, if he has anything, but I just want to know she was smart enough to get one.  More importantly I hope she can get “The Countess” back, but I know that’s probably not happening. She’s still @thecountessluann on twitter, but by marrying Tom she gave that up! AND FOR WHAT?  Tom, a man she though she could change and then decided she couldn’t but still wanted to marry only to have him embarrass her on her own show.


Unfortunately for us, filming for the reunion is already done so we will learn nothing there. And she did her seasonal WWHL episode just last week, where she said she never slapped Tom publicly in that restaurant and they were passionate and enjoyed “making up”.


No, not the eggs a la Francais, Lu.  But since this break up comes after the reunion and with no WWHL in her future and before filming starts up again, LuAnn has some time to pull herself together before filming once again starts up, but my prediction for the future of Tom and the Real Housewives doesn’t involve Luann….


That’s right.  We all know I love some Sonja, but do I trust her to stick with Frenchie and not chase after the now single Tom? No, I do not.  Hell, I even think Ramona would go back to Tom, but only if she saw him at a steak house.

Dear Lu, we are so sorry that you had to do things the hard way and marry a man who was never meant to be married.  Sources have come forward to TMZ and PageSix saying that Tom did not get along with her family and that he liked LuAnn the nurse from Connecticut, not celebrity Lu.  I can say with certainty that even if LuAnn was a nurse (which I don’t think she was), those chunky necklaces were always meant to grace our TV screens.  Tom also did not like the spotlight on him, probably because the spotlight followed him straight to the Regency and into the arms of a random blonde.


That’s right Lu, it can’t.  But it might be able to buy him a really good lawyer to fleece you out of whatever money you have.  Safe travels, Countess.

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  1. I’m torn here because I do think Tom was a bit of a fame whore and an opportunist. I don’t think he would have otherwise married her if it were not for an ounce of notority. For the last 2 seasons we have SUFFERED through LU’s desperation and insecurities regarding being single and undesirable and then she found Tom who only further ignited the desperation side. I would say something about her children, but we know how that lands with this crew, so I will just say, I cannot wait to get Ho-anne back!
    PS: let me spill some tea. Back when Shay Chicago opened up a few years ago, the Countless herself was a guest and she made out with several 20-somethings that night, danced on the bar, was an all around mess and was wild beyond belief and that’s the Countess I look forward to having back next season …. or she could not be recast and no one would miss her!


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