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There is Going to Be a Jersey Shore Reunion, GTL

Sometimes I feel too blessed.



First, the gods give me Laguna Beach.  Then the Hills.  Sprinkle in some Real Housewives (besides Potomac and Dallas, hate you) and Vanderpump Rules and you’ve got reality TV gold.  But then you tell me you’re going to try and recreated Laguna Beach in Florida, you give me Sweet Home Oklahoma and now you are telling me there will be a Jersey Shore Reunion?



Jersey Shore was one of the few reality shows I believe was actually  genuine.  They were tacky and trashy and complete degenerates all on their own.  They didn’t chase the camera, the camera chased them.  Seriously, there is no way they knew how those bump its and tans would make such good tv.


And now they are coming back.  Sadly, this isn’t by MTV so that might lose some of the appeal.  And it’s not an entire season, more like a documentary type piece (strange but brilliant).  And, fortunately for them but not for us, Snooki and Jwoww are now moms.


I’m not sure if I want them to bring the babies or leave them at home.  Regardless, I can only hope that these fools consume obscene amounts of alcohol, wear trucker hats and sleep in twin beds.  Really, I just hope they drink obscene amounts of alcohol.


At this point it looks like everyone has begun filming…everyone but Ronnie.  Ronnie who just got done filming Famously Single and was dating Khloe Kardashian’s bff, Makila, who is not famous at all.  Ronnie who dated Sammi, maybe the most annoying housemate of all time.


You’re right, I don’t.  Because all you did was cry and talk about Ronnie.

I’m not sure where filming is headed and I’m not sure will get any of the old Jersey Shore cast that we know and hate love to hate love, but I no know that it’s going to be a hot mess.  Let’s go.


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