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Corinne and DeMario Will Appear on Bachelor in Paradise Reunion

After a rollercoaster ride of he said, she said, someone who didnt see it said and no memory of what was said, ABC has announced they will be doing a Bachelor in Paradise Reunion Special and Corinne and DeMario will both be attending.  ABC right now.


Now, I don’t even remember there being a Reunion Special before, but I definitely don’t remember one with the person you investigated for sexual misconduct and someone who is suing you.  I don’t know if anyone is guilty here, but I do know that Corinne did ruin one thing and that’s the “drink as much as you want” policy.  We don’t know yet how the “two drinks per hour” rule is going to play out…but we can guess.


Now, we still don’t know what happened in Paradise.  We know that ABC and Warner Bros. investigated themselves and found no evidence of misconduct.  But we also know that if I was to investigate myself, not only would I find nothing wrong, but I also would find myself deserving of a million dollars and a career as Andy Cohen’s Reunion co-host.


Just think about it, okay?

Supposedly, Corinne was still investigating the incident, but ABC has invited her to the reunion to share her story, proving what I have said all along: ABC will do ANYTHING for ratings.


I’ve been suspicious from the beginning here since this story broke on an off week of the Bachelorette and a Monday and was solved by the following Monday.


The only reason I do think something happened in Paradise is DeMario, who has since been proven innocent, but only after the allegations made his mom and grandma cry and lost him his job.  Maybe they are going to publicly apologize.  Mayve they are going to make him the Bachelor.


Eh, probably not.  Don’t get your hopes up, buddy.

Regardless, we will be hearing from Corinne and DeMario and the rest of the Bachelor in Paradise cast that has HOPEFULLY no engagements, considering the fact that they were only in Paradise for 14 days.  I know one thing is for sure, if anyone is engaged, it’s Miss Amanda who is quickly becoming the female Nick of this franchise.


No you aren’t, you’re a good judge of an Instagram endorsement and seeing the monetary value of a long Bachelor Franchise relationship.  I’m not judging you, I respect it.

See you in August where ABC turns 14 days of two cocktails per hour into 8 weeks of TV hell that I won’t be able to stop myself from watching.






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