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Siesta Key: Let’s Go Back, Back to the Beginning

I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again, MTV is going back to their roots, and I am here for it.  First Fear Factor (not their show originally, but still dig it).  Then Super Sweet 16, true reality TV gold.  Then we had some more of the Challenge, a guilty pleasure of mine.  And this week we here that somewhere (hopefully in Jersey) a Jersey Shore reunion is taking place!  All these fools need it TRL and my MTV life will be complete.

giphy (1).gif

But the one show I didn’t think they would touch, didn’t think they could touch, they are taking a stab at.  That’s right, MTV is going to try and recreate Laguna Beach.

tenor (1).gif

I know it’s a Hills GIF, leave me alone

Shocked.  Look, I don’t hate it. I would do anything to have a reality TV show of that caliber back on the air, but it’s a huge risk.  Laguna Beach opened doors for all of reality TV, gave inspiration to millennials everywhere and pushed the boundaries of what could and could not be filmed.

Exhibit A: A Black Tie Affairtumblr_mzj2qwec2r1sw9txso1_250.gif

Exhibit B: What Happens in Cabo Stays in Cabo (Not)lb4.gif

HOW THE HELL did we not know these fools were drinking?  I know I didn’t know the water bottle trick at age 13, but I seriously thought this was just how people acted in high school….I still think there was a Black Tie Affair party I missed (probably did).

So ya, I’m nervous.  Based on the preview, we’ve got pretty blondes, ripped dudes, water sports and some heavy duty house parties.  The blatant shit show that is the opening scene makes me think that we are dealing with 21-year-olds as opposed to 17 and 18-year-olds, smart move MTV.  You know what underage drinking will bring you.


The real concern I have here is that we have left California.  I know we tried Newport Beach (if you don’t remember that I can’t blame you) and 8th in Ocean (another underrated classic), but don’t we think leaving California is a little risky? And not only leaving California, going the polar opposite.  They actually took this shit to Florida.


If you know me, you know that I love me some Florida and have actually been to Siesta Key many many times. It’s amazing. But what you also know about me is that I believe nothing good comes out of Florida.


Every story about a woman robbing KFC, crazy police escapes, men wrestling alligators for sport….Florida.  Now, it has yet to be determined if these people are actual Floridians or people who just have houses in Siesta Key (based on their tans, I’m guessing all yearers).  If they are Floridians, then they seem fairly normal based on that 30 second promo, but I still am not going to trust it.  If these are genuine Floridians with genuine Floridian tendencies, then this is more of a Jersey Shore remake rather than a Laguna Beach.


It is.  This could go really bad or be okay.  It can’t ever be great, it can never be what it’s predecessor was, but maybe we can get close?


Yeah, no.  We can just hope for average here, but please know I will be watching every minute of it.


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