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A week ago, Bachelor in Paradise producers and DeMario were under investigation for something sounding eerily close to rape, was said to be cancelled forever, and now, a week later, everything is fine?

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DeMario and Corinne were said to have drunkenly done a lot of kinky shit in a pool down in Mexico during the first week of filming.  While DeMario remembered the encounter, Corinne did not and was told that she was black out, falling over, not moving and not able to consent by someone on the staff.  Then that someone issued a report for “sexual misconduct in the work place” and stupidly got HR involved, even though THEY HAD NEVER SEEN THE TAPE.

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Somehow, Corinne found all of this to be the producers fault, rather than DeMario’s, and told the world she was a victim.  If DeMario remembers then it is his fault too, honey.  I’m not saying your lying, I’m just saying I’m confused.

Then Jasmine came out and said that, as a woman, she would not have let Corinne drunkenly be assaulted and Corinne’s story (that Corinne doesn’t remember) was not the truth.  Jaz said that Corinne was all over three other men and then went over to DeMario and initiated their little pool party.


Jasmine also said that when producers did tell Corinne she was too drunk, she told them “just watch what I’m going to do”.


Very interesting.

I am thoroughly confused.  It also doesn’t help that Corinne has a boyfriend back home who she probably didn’t plan on cheating on and was said to be there just to promote her clothing line which I pray to God is not just more of those shirts with corn on it.

Raven also came out and second what Jasmine said, saying she too would have protected her friend Corinne, who at this point had hired some celebrity attorney to take them all down…probs not friends anymore, Raven.


Definitely not.

ABC and Warner Bros. have now confirmed that the investigation is over and there was “no misconduct” by DeMario or Corinne and production will resume for this summer, but they will NOT be showing the clip of the incident.

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HOW CAN YOU NOT SHOW THE CLIP? Are Corinne and DeMario returning or are you banishing them?  And yeah, Corinne was never said to have done anything wrong, you just dragged poor DeMario’s name through the mud and implied that he raped her.  Even DeMario’s crazy ex, Scrunchy, defended him.


Either DeMario is going to sue or they are going to make him the next Bachelor.


I’ve reached out to Corinne for comment, but she seems to be unavailable or screening my calls….or napping.

My theory is that Chris Harrison and Co. schemed for ratings and decided that since last week was an off week for The Bachelorette, they would stir up drama to keep people watching and make us all excited for this season of Bachelor in Paradise.


I see you, sir.  I see you.

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