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Beyoncé (and Jay Z’s) Twins Are Here, What Should We Name Them?

The most anticipated twins of this century (sorry George and Amal) have finally arrive.  It is with a heavy heart that I tell you one of those two bundles of joy is a boy and therefore I do not see Destiny’s Child 2.0 in our future.

But we are happy for them none the less.  Beyoncé is still in the hosptial, resting and recovering and probably still 1000x more stunning than I would even be with a face transplant.  While they rest and bond with the newest Carter’s, I feel it is important to give them as much help as possible. And since I most likely wouldn’t be allowed within 500 feet and don’t have the qualifications to be these children’s nanny, I’ll settle for naming them.

giphy (1).gif

1) Sasha Fierce and Izzo Hova: This one is my personal favorite, so please take that into consideration Jay and Bey.  I’m so nice I’ve thought of middle names too.


2) Red V and Yellow VI: Consistency is important and Red, Yellow and Blue are kings of the color world, but everyone has a favorite which will happen with these three also.

tenor (2).gif

3) Janet and Michael: I mean, it’s a possibility right?

giphy (2).gif

4) Lemonade and Hot Sauce: Okay, I will admit this one is dumb and pretty unlikely


5) Anything to do with the Illuminati: If Beyoncé is in the Illuminati, I’m joining too.  But can just imagine how freaked out people would be if they did something like this?


6) Becky and Bob: Someone who knows the album better can think of a name better than Bob, but I just thought it went well with Becky.  I just hope that Beyoncé was smart enough to remind Mr. Z that she could name the girl Becky if she wanted to.

tenor (1).gif

7) Kim and Kanye: I feel like this might be higher on the list than people think….or it’s on Kim and Kanye’s baby name list because they are as obsessed with them as we are.


Really that’s all I can think of right now.  Did I under deliver?  IMHO, maybe.  Did I try my best? Decidedly no, but if you made it this far I did my job well and that’s good enough for me.

Congrats to the Carter clan and sorry to Blue Ivy whose inheritance just diminished significantly.



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