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RHOA: Real Housewives of NeNe

Yes, ladies and gentleman who live for the Housewives, our lord and savior, Mr. Andy Cohen, has negotiated (or had someone negotiate for him) the return of NeNe.


It has been eons since our Queen has held the title Housewife, but after months of speculations and most likely torturous deliberations, NeNe will return to our Sunday nights, along with a few other familiar faces.


Yes, NeNe, you heard correctly. While we still don’t know the fate of Phaedra in regards to the show (and her legal career) and we don’t know who else Andy might give the boot to make room for new fresh left over meat, we do know that Miss Kim Zolciak Biermann will also be returning to join her former friend.


NeNe! Be nice!  You are going to be happy to have Kim there considering the other women believe that neither of you should be returning, that they carry the story line all on their own.

While we are thrilled NeNe has returned, nothing is perfect and NeNe will only be a part time Housewife….


Yes, sadly, this is true.  We will take what we can get of our NeNe and hope she does a good job of stirring that pot part time.  And I can’t wait to hear how much more she’s getting paid than these full time bitches.


Welcome home, sunshine.  You have been missed.

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