DeMario has spoken up yet again (shocker) and  is asking ABC and Warner Bros. to release the footage of the now infamous pool scene between him and Corinne.


No, I don’t think that’s what’s happening.

While I wouldn’t be surprised if DeMario was thinking of a career in porn, what he really wants is to exonerate himself in all of this drama and show that he did not take advantage of Corinne in he drunken state.


Corinne has stepped forward and is not upset with DeMario, but with the production staff set up to film protect them.  DeMario isn’t taking any changes though and has lawyered up in case she decides to sue him too.

He also wants his lawyer to get Warner Bros. to release a statement saying he isn’t under investigation.  I’m just confused who is under investigation.  Corinne?  The producer assigned to protect her? DeMario?  Raven, who wanted the orgasm that Corinne got?


There are four sides to this story: Corinne, DeMario, production and the sex tape.  If Corinne was taken advantage of, gird your loins Warner Bros.  Some people say Corinne was lucid, some say she was not.  I say  we should just continue on as we have, and speculate until Warner Bros. and ABC are forced to make a statement and shut us up.

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