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Bachelor in Paradise: Hurricane DeRinne Has Hit Paradise

God giveth and then he taketh away.  And when I say God in this situation, I of course am referring to Chris Harrison (but we all know Andy Cohen is our true lord and savior).


It seems that Bachelor in Paradise was hit by a hurricane, and not one of the natural kind.  Yes, our favorite villains, DeMario and Corinne have created quite a storm and one that has washed away an entire season of aspiring Instagram stars and maybe an entire show.

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According to sources that are somehow connected to the show and not connected at all to me, last week during filming there was a situation that has caused production to shut down and had employees of the show feeling very uncomfortable and upset.  It seems that (shockingly) production presented Corinne and DeMario with the story line of them hooking up which they decided to turn into a full blown porno.


After a lot of alcohol and some heavy make outs, the contestants decided to take a dip and continue on with some heavy petting…which then turned into some snacking.  I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised.


Seems so.

Rumors have been swirling that Corinne was maybe not in a state where she could clearly consent to what went down (pun intended) and that production has halted because a “third party” was made to feel uncomfortable and claimed misconduct in the work place and is suing.  A contestant has also come forward to say that they saw the encounter and were bothered that production did not try and step in, implying that Corrine clearly was being taken advantage of. If this is true, I am probably going to sue too.

DeMario, being DeMario has already started yapping away, tweeting about “ALT facts” and has a different version on how the night went down.  This feels vaguely familiar.

giphy (2).gif

Yeah, we are going to need a lot of evidence to believe in your supposed “ALT facts”, sunshine.

NOW, Corinne has confirmed to TMZ (duh) that she did not give consent and only knew what happened after the fact, when other contestants told her.  She said many contestants claimed to have confronted the producers with concerns and were ignored.  She seems more upset with producers than DeMario and feels she should have been protected and DeMario was also very drunk, but does remember what happened.

She also says she would never have gone that far since she has a boyfriend.


Yes, Bachelor Nation, Corinne was not coming on the show for a relationship because she was already in one.  Now that the show is cancelled, I’ll let you in on a little spoiler: several girls were in relationships and only came on for publicity.  I’m guessing Amanda was the only one who truly was there for a long term fake relationship.


Warner Bros. is investigating these very serious allegations and Corinne has lawyered up.  I’m not sure how we are supposed to get through the summer without Bachelor in Paradise and the idea that Alexis would finally ride a shark.

giphy (3).gif

I’d like Mr. Harrison to step forward and address the situation, but I’m pretty positive he didn’t even bother to stay in Mexico past the initial hellos.


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