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Taylor Swift: Shady and Streaming

Me right now….

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I love to say I told you so, but I told you so. I have been saying since the moment she left her country roots to become a poppy songstress, this girl is a snake and will do anything for a dollar.


Taylor, after three years of bashing and trashing and thinking she is oh so better, has returned to the streaming world. After trying to get all oh her blackmailed famous  friends to leave with her and failing, Taylor turned her back on the streaming world and even tried to make Swifties happen.


Don’t count that out just yet, people.  She likes to hold on to grudges things for a long time.

But today she has returned to Spodify to stream all of her music for her fans and the people who try and hate her music based on principal but have been brainwashed…aka me.

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Before you go cheering down the streets like a pre-pubescent pep squad, you should know why today is so significant (if you already don’t which in that case, you’re a moron). Today is also the day that Katy Perry released her new album, Witness.


Yes, Taylor Swift is once again out to destroy another celebrities career all while seeming to do something nice for her fans.  While pretending to be innocent and sweet, she is actually (again) trying to sabotage Katy Perry’s career.


First, she went after all her famous boyfriends via her music. Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhal (I don’t care if that’s spelled wrong) and John Mayer, who she should have KNOWN was going to play her. THAT’S WHAT HE DOES, HE’S A BAD BOY.


Then Katy, who was a BFF, went and dated John (and was successful). I get it, #girlcode, yada yada. But you’ve dated 20 other guys  (that we know of) by now, Taylor.  Don’t you think it’s time to move on?

Then Katy’s back up dancers went to dance with Taylor when Katy’s tour was over, but when her tour started back up, they went back to their leader.  Taylor, being the bitty betty she is, assembled her squad and wrote Bad Blood.


Honey, you’ve always had problems, most of them of your own making.

In between the Katy vs Taylor fued, Taylor decided to through Kanye West under the bus and say Kanye never consulted her about Famous.  Luckily, our lord and savior Kim Kardashian West stepped in with receipts and proved Taylor knew all along about Kanye’s lyrics, causing her to burrow deep into the ground for many months.

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Then Katy, after YEARS of silence, told James Corden what actually went down on Carpool Karaoke, where all secrets come out. She also released a new song called Swish Swish, obviously in response to Taylor’s Bad Blood.  In the song she called her (assuming it’s about Taylor) as cute as an old expired coupon.

giphy (4).gif

I mean, it should have ended there.  That moment of genius deserves to be the end, but unfortunately, Taylor doesn’t have a good PR team surrounding her and allowed her to release her music in the most shady way ever.  While I’m sure all are streaming it now, jamming out in your cubicles, just remember who she stomped all over to get there.

giphy (6).gif

And remember that I said from day one she was not to be trusted.


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