Amanda Bynes is Planning a Comeback

It is with great joy that I announce (repeat what everyone else is talking about) that Amanda Bynes is making her return to television.  Excited does not begin to cover the emotions I am feeling right now.


That is closer.

Amanda is the voice of a generation.  Before Hannah Horvath, before Taylor Swift (can’t believe I just said that), before even Bravo, that’s how long Amanda has been representing us.


Sadly, Amanda, like many over worked and in demand celebs, cracked under the pressure.  She cracked so much that she did a lot of plastic surgery, pierced her cheeks and let her sanity take a few years off.

giphy (7).gif

She says that she may have inspired Blac Chyna’s look….which, does that make me hate her or does it make me love her all the more for realizing that and admitting it?

Whatever the case, Amanda has said that she plans to return to television and that is all the hope I need to get me through the rest of this day.  Will it be as a new character or will she return as a fan favorite?  Like Moody


Or someone from All That….


Or maybe as her signature hillbilly???


If she did a What I Like About You reunion, I may actually lose my mind…


But my biggest dream of all is that she returns to the big scream and recreates a role just as genius as her character in She’s the Man, which I believe to be one of the funniest and most quotable movies of all time.  Amanda, if you ever are looking for an assistant or someone to practice all your old school humor on, do not hesitate to call me.


I’m not even mad. Welcome back sweetheart.

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