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Meet the Clooney Twins! 

Fun fact provided by my friend who is a Gemini (like myself) and therefore a reliable source: Gemini twins are very rare.


And now the Clooney’s (and soon the Carter’s) are mading it less rare!

The Clooney twins arrived this morning and are doing fabulous. So is Amal, who is a bad ass for being pregnant in general, but also for carrying two babies at once and for convincing Georgie to have any children at all.


The babies names are Ella and Alexander so let’s give Amal even more credit for picking normal names and not being Hollywood choosing something like Pinot or Rosé.


I do not hold the same hope for the Carters.

giphy (12).gif

Congrats to Amal and George, who has become a MILF and our modern day Cary Grant.


Yes, darling, I am.  Excuse me, folks, I have to go watch Philadelphia Story now….and if you don’t know what that is, I suggest you leave and never return.

Congrats George and Amal, but mostly Amal.

tenor (1).gif


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