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The Bachelorette: Peter Pan, the Model and Figment of Our Imaginations

After an incredible one-on-one date filled with fireworks, dogs and dogs, it’s time to dive into the one negative that emerged from Peter and Rachel’s date: he once lived in LA.

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Now, for you LA natives, calm down, I’m not insulting LA. But there are probably about 100 of you that were actually born there. And out of the ones that move there, anyone who goes on The Bachelor or Bachelorette and has lived in or lives in or even visited LA….well, they may not be here for the right reasons.


Shocking, I know. But there it is, the truth that, although they might find romance and they might find a Neil Diamond engagement ring, at the very least they are here to find insta fame.


Yes, especially you.

We’ve done this to ourselves. We allowed ourselves to become obsessed with them and stalk them and like their Instagram, allowing them get those Instagram endorsements. I’m not saying we are the problem, but we definitely have decided not to be the solution.

Now, I like Peter. Actually, I love him. He is sexy, cute, tall, likes Copper. I haven’t seen much of a sense of humor yet, but that doesn’t worry me. The finalists of this show rarely are interesting outside of their face.


But I was suspicious to say the least when I saw “Business Owner” as Peter’s occupation. One of the Danielle’s put that last season and actually did own nail salons, but Corinne put that too. And, as much as we know I love Corinne, she does not own a business, multi million dollar or otherwise.

636215768244031299-1101142591_giphy (8).gif

But I said, give Peter a chance. Let those gap tooth smiles flourish. And they have. But then Peter revealed that he moved back from LA a few years ago, which is can be a good or bad thing. Either he realized it was not for him, or he failed and realized 9000 other men would be applying to The Bachelorette out of LA so he moved home to better his odds.

And now the internet has helped with another piece of the puzzle, what did he move to LA for?


I kind of don’t care now that he tried to be a model because it looks like, in my opinion, he did a damn good job. But I would like him or someone else with stalking skills far superior to my own, to tell me if the business he claims to own is himself or if he actually owns a business.


I’d like to get up in that business.  Regardless, I think we have a front runner on our hands, one I hope proves to be more than a sexy gap toothed smile and Hollywood aspirations.


Wait a minute….THAT’S HIS NIGHT ONE COAT! Peter, you played us all.  Not only did you not invest some money in a new wardrobe, but you made us praise your style, only to be caught in a lie.  You don’t have style, you have a job. Or a job for a day, 131+ weeks ago to be precise, and they let you keep one thing.

giphy (3).gif

Every time, I fall for the bad boy.  Good luck, Rachel.  I think you’re going to need it if he brings out that blue velvet coat.

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