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The Bachelorette: Dean VS Jesse McCarthney Conspiracy Theory

It has come to my attention that the first conspiracy theory of The Bachelorette Season 13 is upon us and this one is actually believable. For those of you who are fans of Dean, hopefully you like liked Jesse McCartney because…..they are the same person!


Most likely they are not the same person, probably aren’t even related. BUT the resemblances are uncanny. See for yourself:

Perfect (albeit slightly creepy on Dean’s part) smiles. Little heads. Perfectly styled hair. It’s all there. Now all we need to figure out if Dean has a beautiful soul like Jesse.


I am well aware that’s Aaron, people, but it works.

Dean hasn’t had too much air time yet, but he did receive kiss number two of the season, right after Bryan ate her face off. You could say it was her body language he responded to.


Parlez vous francais? Konichiwa, come and move it my way….


Okay, not a fan it seems. Rachel probably won’t give Dean/Jesse a date for a while to keep us all coming back to find the other similarities. Rachel, how do you sleep knowing Jesse McCartney, teenage semi heart throb is waiting for another kiss?

I hope one of the other men figures it out first. And I hope that Dean/Jesse shows his true colors soon and reveals himself as the actual singer this season.


Whoever he was with before you, Rachel, she’s no you.

(There are four Jesse song titles in this post and I highly recommend finding them and listening to them. Happy hunting.)

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