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GOT S7: The Trailer is Here But Winter Looks to be M.I.A.

This is me when I see #GameofThrones trending on Twitter:


Sometimes it’s some loser who got us all excited and made everyone start tweeting for no reason.  But not this time.  Today is May 24th and, although we didn’t know it before, that means it’s TRAILER DAY.


So excited to be here with you all, whoever you all are.  I often wonder, is GOT like football?  Are there some people out there rooting for the White Walkers or the Lannisters or is everyone good and pure and just wants Jon Snow to win.

giphy (7).gif

I mean, I guess Danny could become queen too, she’s just been soooo moody the last few seasons, I kind of am over her.  She must be PMSing.  And I’m a girl so I can say that so don’t start sassing me.


After doing some research aka watching the trailer 30 times and jumping to my own conclusions, I have some thoughts I’d like to share with those of you who decided to read this.

First, did anyone think Jon Snow looked eerily like Robb Stark during that King of the North shot or was that just me?


I’m sorry, it’s just so hard sometimes to believe it really happened.

Next, why is it that in every movie, every show, and especially this show, the bad guys are all still living.  Cersei has been locked up in a castle for years, so I get why she has survived, but could no one do us the common curstosy of killing off Little Finger?


Hearing his voice in the background, spreading his mischief and putting a wedge between siblings cousins is infuriating.  The man is worse than any real housewife I have ever seen, and somehow he hasn’t been voted killed off by all the other housewives living lunatics?  I think everyone who has ever met Little Finger should take a long hard look in the mirror and judge themselves for letting him live another day.

Next, Cersei and Jaime are still a thing?  I know the saying “love conquers all” but I don’t think that applies when you’re Cersei and you’ve lost your mind.


So crazy.

I know, I know, don’t forget the prophecy, but do we really think Jaime will kill Cersei?  Maybe it’ll be Tryion.  While I am sad that Jaime can’t be with Brienne, I am happy he and Cersei are living and I cannot wait for the day when Tryion flies in on a dragon.


Cersei will lose whatever sanity she has left.

Next, where is dumb Bran?  We have four three Stark children left and they can’t show us Bran?  Just a glimpse? He’s caused so many problems and has left the others to clean up his mess aka the White Walkers.  And let’s not forget, Bran is supposed to show us what we already know aka Jon Snow is actually a Targaryen and Father of Dragons.

Bran is probably ashamed to show his face and wont bother to appear until the end of the season like stupid Rickon….and we all know how that went.


You’d think someone would have taught him to swerve.

Next, WHO IS KISSING WHO?  Is that Sansa or is it Arya? Once you figure that out, who are they kissing?  It’s dark hair, could they be into their brother cousin now? I am not going to even think about it being Little Finger.  There is one person I hope it is more than anything in this world or the one they are living in….


GENDRY.  Again, for the millionth time, WHERE THE F IS GENDRY.  I feel like I don’t ask for much (Little Finger’s death aside) but I have been begging the old gods and the new for just a peep of Gendry.  Just for someone to mention good ol’ Gentry.  Is he dead? Is he alive? Is he sexier than he was before?  He left when hotties in Westeros were still a thing, but now they are dead so he’s gotta be Top 5.  Just someone tell me where he is or if he’s even going to be important.  I need him.


YES. Don’t make me ask again.

And last, but not least….it seems kind of warm there, doesn’t it? I mean, I see snow in some of the shots, but not enough to imply Winter has finally arrived.  It seems we will have to wait until the final season for that joyous occasion!



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