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The Bachelor: Another One Bites the Dust

Bachelor Nation, we seem to be under attack.  Or the actually successful couples are under attack.  In just one week the already low success rate of the Bachelor Franchise has dwindled by two.


Yes, first Ben and Lauren and now Becca Tilley and Robert Graham have ended.


Seriously, what is happening? Becca and Robert met off screen (rude) and have seemed to be going strong via the Insta and snap chat world for some time now, I don’t understand what happened.  And I don’t understand why I care more about them than I do an actual couple that happened on TV.


Oh right, because Ben sucks.

Becca and Rob were bffs for a while because that’s what happens in the world of Bachelor Franchise rejects.  Once you go in, you can never date outside it again it seems.  Rob was on Deseree’s season of the Bachelorette which I didn’t watch (because I did not like Dez) and Becca was runner up on Chris Soules’ season (lucky break there) and then went on to Ben’s season.


Ben’s season…Ben who just broke up with Lauren?  Ben who was in love with Becca’s best friend Jojo, but instead pick the obvious choice, aka Borin Lauren?


Seriously people, either Chris Harrison has asked them both to break up to promote Rachel’s season (he totally did) or Ben and Becca have been having a torrid affair right under our noses.


I’m glad we got to the bottom of this people. Good work.  Ben, Lauren, I expect to see both of you in Paradise where you will pretend to fall in love with each other.  So predictable.


See, you’ll love Paradise, Becca. Lots of sharks. And I expect you to model the swimsuit line you’ve been shoving down our throats too.

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