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The Bachelor: When One Door Opens, Another Must Be Slammed Shut

Oh, Bachelor Nation. It just a few days we will open on another season of love and bromances and Instagram careers when we see if Rachel can find love as the Bachelorette.


But it seems that there can only be so many successful couples in the Bachelor Franchise at one time. Trista and Ryan aren’t giving up their spot. Neither are Sean and Catherine or Molly and Jason. And the most successful engagement of all, Kaitlyn and Shawn also seem to be doing just fine, and more normal than anyone else. Tanner got Jade pregnant so give it a few months, and Nick has to stay with Vanessa long enough to tell America (and his mother) I told you so.


So that leaves only one.


That’s right, Ben and Lauren are saying adios to insta fame and a televised wedding. Ben got cold feet during their stupid show on Freeform, most likely because Lauren kept shoving the twins in his face and criticized his mini toilet.


But before we go blaming Lauren, I think it’s safe to say that this was doomed from the moment Ben said I love you to Lauren and JoJo.


Yes, we all still cannot believe that happened.  Not only did he destroy the Bachelor honors system, he destroyed any trust he and Lauren could possibly have after he dated 25 women simultaneously, you just don’t lead both women on.  Pick one life to ruin and move on, don’t get greedy.


And let’s give credit where credit is du here, ABC Freeform did nothing to encourage the love birds be naming the show Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? No, I did not put that question mark their, they did. Not cool, ABC. Not cool.


Far thee well, Ben and Lauren. I hope his political career and her blog are just as promising as their relationship. Aka, I really don’t want to see much of either of you for a while, especially you boring Ben.


PS. Having one couple break up to promote your new season starting a week from today is not all that subtle.  How dumb do you think we are?


Yeah, don’t answer that.  See you Monday you sorcerer.

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