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Abby Lee Miller: The Movie

No, Abby is not getting her own movie deal. She’s just pretending she’s in one while in prison.


Yes, Abby Lee Miller is going to prison for a year and a day and to get through this trying ordeal that she brought entirely on herself she will be pretending it’s all a movie and she’s the star.


Now, Teresa Guidice also went to prison for some kind of money fruad, but she chose that time to get uber fit and write a book. It seems Abby has decided to take a different route and will be binge watching Orange is the New Black in the time leading up to her sentence and then reenact it while behind bars.


I’ll be honest, I’m not going to be able to watch Dance Moms without Abby constantly berating the children and the mothers. I know she was sometimes (usually) way to hard on the kids and picked favorites, someone needs to burst these kids bubbles and their mothers. They won’t be as fun to watch the older they get, and I will eventually want new toddlers to be impressed with.


Good luck to Abby, and good luck to the kids whose show is about to become too boring and be cancelled and they’ll realize how good they had for a while as a child star and didn’t use this opportunity to it’s full advantage.


Except for you Mack, you had big dreams from the start.

See you on the other side Abby.

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