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The Bachelorette: How to Pack for True Love

While ABC has yet to release the names of Rachel’s possible love interests (rude) a former contestant (that shall not be named because I don’t know there name but thanks to @eandgpodcast for doing the actual work) has released the packing list recommended for the 30 gentleman looking for love.


While I’d be much more interested in what a lady looking for love should bring, this list is still entertaining for a few reasons.


First, the gentleman are recommended to bring one “gorgeous suit” for the first night.  I know I have a love of quotes and parentheses, but that wasn’t actually me this time, that’s how they wrote it.


Very bossy, ABC.  And, while a ladies dress can say so much about her taste level, especially what she considers gorgeous, a suit is a little trickier. Still, it can be done.


Nick, the tasteless and tactless strikes again.

Besides the “gorgeous suit”, they also recommend additional suits, preferably two.


Second favorite thing is that they are encouraged to bring anything they can’t live without. This is after every pair of clothing is mention, face cream and meds.  Does this mean a teddy bear? Certain foods?


I do like that they feel the need for you to bring your meds, but feel they’re adult enough to remember underwear.


Also, love that they can bring their cellphones….how else are they going stay in touch with their actual girlfriends?

Finally, I’d like to address what is not on this list: costumes. Where do costumes for night one fall, because you know these fools are bringing them. Do they fall under (gorgeous) suits or are they under “things you can’t live without”?  Or are the producers waiting in the wings with someone that they will force on these people because they mentioned something on there bio that has to be played up to make this shit interesting.

giphy (1).gif

So cliche.

Don’t deny it, ABC. We see right through this. There is only one costume we will be grateful for until the end of time.


So, all in all the list is totally boring and I’m not even sure if it’s real. But considering 99.9% of these people claiming they came on this show to find love and not Instagram fame, I think I’m entitled to my thoughts.


giphy (2).gif


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