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Why “I’m the One” is the Throwback We Didn’t Know We Needed

If you haven’t listened to DJ Khaled’s summer banger featuring Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper and Weezy, then leave now and come back to this.  You need to have seen what we’ve seen to understand it’s importance.


I’m the One came out a week ago and already has a casual 50 million hits on YouTube. Seriously, don’t listen to it on Spodify first, you need to video to truly appreciate the art that is a rap video.

There are a few things that make this video a work of art more than a form of entertainment. If you are to busy jamming to analyze what those are, no worries, that’s what I’m here for.


5) Video Girls: If you find my love of Video Girls anti feminist or derogatory then leave. The Video Girl is the staple of early 2000’s videos and she has been gone too long. Video Girls such as Blac Chyna, Amber Rose and Corinne Olympios have climbed out of their video pasts to become complete fame whores and where would we be without them? This video has about 40 ladies who look like Chyna and I’ve missed there unnecessary grinding on cars.


4) Lil Wayne: wherever Lil Wayne has been, I’m just glad he’s back. I followed Weezy on FB when it was cool to follow people in ’05 and he loves to post a random vine but music wise he’s been MIA. Weezy is the staple of early 2000’s poppy rape albums and seeing him pop across the scream to his auto tuned voice gives me all the feels.


Literally, all we needed was Lil Jon popping in to say OOOKAYYY to make this the ultimate throwback.

3) The Intro: no music video was complete without a pointless intro to justify them dancing around women while singing about another woman. And the present day form is even better with DJ Khaled offering a “bless up” and asking Chance to “do himself the biggest favor” to let Bieber, Wayne and Quavo know that he’s having a party at his house to “celebrate life…success…and all blessins”. And then we pan to a girls ass.

giphy (2).gif

Gotta respect his honesty.

2) One-Liners: All of the throwbacks of our youth are remembered for the video and also for the one liners.  And thanks to Chance the Rapper, who is only 24-years-old and therefore grew up with Tipsy and Candy Shop just like the rest of us, he was able to deliver the lines that, for me personally, will be ingrained in my mind until the end of time.

Uh, she beat her face up with that new Chanel
She like the price, she see the ice, it make her coochie melt
When I met her in the club I asked her who she felt
Then she went and put that booty on that Gucci belt
We don’t got no label
She say she want bottles, she ain’t got no table
She don’t got no bed frame, she don’t got no tables
We just watchin’ Netflix, she ain’t got no cable


I swear when I heard “she say she want bottles, she ain’t got no table”, my 22-year-old self who once paid for bottle service had a good chuckle.  And so did my still depleted wallet.

giphy (3).gif

1) Justin Bieber:  If you don’t like Bieber, then I don’t like you.  Bieber is the boy we know is bad for us, but keep going back to.  He’s so wrong he’s right.  We aren’t attracted to men who are shorter than us, use more hair product than us and who seem to never age and look about 16, but with The Biebs, we just can’t help ourselves.



In all DJ Genius Kahled know what he was doing when he brought Bieber on board to just say oh-a-oh over and over again and lip sync everyone else’s lines.

giphy (4).gif

Damn you, Justin.

Thank you, DJ Khaled, for all that you do.  You have brought us the song of our youth, and the song of the summer.


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