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The Lesser Half of the Fixer Upper is Being Sued

I think we are all aware that as far as duos go, this one is top tier.  That being said, every duo has a superstar and a less than stellar star.


And that less than impressive part of the duo would be Chip Gaines.

Chip is funny, he’s kind of cute, but he does not have the style, the wavy locks of hair and the eye for design that JoJo has.


I mean, she’s kind of a one trick pony, but still she’s the brains here.  Even more so now that her partner in crime is being sued by his old colleagues for fruad.


Should have protected her earlier, Chip.

It seems that Chip made a deal with his old partners to buy the Magnolia name for $2500 each….right before they got approved for a show on HGTV that allowed him to monetize that name for a whole lot more.


No not boom.  Now, these fellas want damages.  About $1 million in damages.  So these two better start to suing back or hope their show can pick up some of the slack now that they’re about to lose a rather large chunk of money.


You’ll need more than snazzy paint colors my red headed friend.  Get to flippin, kiddos.

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