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Ivanka Trump Was Once Asked to be the Bachelorette

Let’s leave politics out of this, shall we?

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At least no one reading this does.

We have just learned that Ivanka Trump, before she met her soulmate Jared, was asked to be the Bachelorette.

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Now, I have seen some negative reactions to this and I am not sure why.  Why would anyone think Ivanka as the Bachelorette would be a bad thing?  This was circa 2007, the Apprentice was huge, who wouldn’t want more of Trump, but in a father figure role.

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And can we imagine the men? Trump wouldn’t have settled for a mere doctor, he’d want the politicians, the royal bloodlines, the mafia connections, only the best for his princess.  I can’t be sure if he wanted any Russian contestants at this time, I don’t think he was planning that far ahead.


Sadly, Ivanka is smarter then the average blonde and did not think there was any benefit to going on the show, it would have done nothing for her brand.  I wouldn’t have gone on in 2007 either, Instagram was not even born yet, how would she be expected to make being the Bachelorette lucrative?  And I don’t see her putting up with all boy drama and bull shit.


But while Ivanka may have not seen the value in taking on this show, I have a theory that we could easily persuade Tiffany.


Seriously, she’s going to be the one to make things interesting for us all, if they ever let her speak.  Team Tiffany all the way.

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