I feel like I keep revealing things as the least shocking thing to have ever happened, making me concerned that I’m too involved in this world of celebrity and I’m no longer easily shocked or I’m a genius.


But here we are again. And this time we are joined by Kim Zolciak Bearman, who is returning for season 10 of the Housewives of Atlanta.

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Kim came to us as a single mom, many years ago and has evolved from a snap chat, frap happy mom of two to being married to Kroy who played for some NFL team and having 20 kids.


Her face has also changed quite a bit too, but we don’t judge…a lot.


Kim has her own show, Don’t Be Tardy for the Party, but has been in talks to join the ladies once again. This is exciting for the views, but not so nice for us current ladies who don’t feel they need Kim for ratings.


No, Kim. You’re hear to work.

While I love me some Kim, I have to agree, these ladies need zero help with ratings, it’s the best thing on TV right now.   But we will welcome Kim with open arms and pray that we will get our NeNe too to make this season the season of all seasons.


Bring back the music too.