As if the news that America’s Next Top Model returning wasn’t enough, Disney has an announcement of their own: Life Size 2 will be coming out in 2018.


That’s right, and Tyra will be reprising her role as Eve.


There are few things that give me more joy than a remake, and a Disney remake (one that has nothing to do with Milificent) is the best news I’ve heard all week. Tyra took a break from our televisions for quite some time. I’m not see what she was doing, but I plan on welcoming her back with open arms, and you should do the same.

There is no one more passionate…


More classy…..


More generous….


More kind…..


Than our sweet sweet Tyra. I mean, she taught us everything we know.  At least, the most important things.


Eve’s roll will be a grown up Eve, helping young women “learn to live and love again”. I have no idea what that means, but since it’s on Freeform I can only hope this means combining the story lines from Secret Life of the American Teenager and barbies fashion tendencies, then we’ve got ourselves a hit.

Or they are bringing back Lindsay Lohan too and are just trying to make this a cover up for trying to help her crazy ass.


Mark your calendars for 2018 Christmas time. Hopefully we will all be on winter vacation aka we used the last remaining vacation days and Tyra will take us back in time to the days where it was okay to idolize a barbie doll.


Welcome back, Tyra.