I mean, any pregnancy announcement is good news, babies are a gift. Unless you’re Tori Spelling who just needs to stop now.


While it is very exciting that Serena Williams has announced she’s pregnant, it’s really not in my wheel house to talk about it. She is a famous, normal, talented woman who is having a baby.  I never really talk about people who are normal or talented.


But Serena needs to be talked about because this woman, who is one of the best athletes in the world, is five months pregnant. And it matters for two reasons.

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First, who the hell at TMZ was assigned to follow Serena around? Is she not quite famous enough for an entire squad of paparazzi? Usually, the paps are following people around and selling photos of women who had pasta for lunch and are claiming they’re pregnant.


Seriously, I think Serena got tired of no one noticing and just announced it herself.  It’s a teeny bump, but she might have made it all the way considering the paparazzi wasn’t interested in following her it seems.


The second, and biggest reason on why this is important is that Serena has been pregnant five months. And for those of you who are too dumb to realize the significance, that means she was preggo when she won the Australian Open.


So on top of being one of the greatest athletes of all time, she decided to be the greatest athlete of all time while being pregnant.

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Serena, we hope you have a girl.  Because we know when that babies comes out, she’s going to be saying one thing:


Congrats, Serena!