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The Bachelorette: The First Poster is Here

First the teaser and now the poster, it’s too much excitement for a girl like me!


JK, while Rachel does look gorgeous in her red dress that was released today, this is still a very uneventful build up to a season that I predict will also be uneventful because, while Rachel is all things lovely and smart, that doesn’t usually make for good TV.


Don’t be mad.  Your season was successful because you were funny…and because we judge you for keeping Nick as long as you did, but you aren’t alone there.


As tradition, Rachel is sporting a red dress on her promo poster, and the dress resembles….A ROSE!


So clever, ABC.  Here the actual dress below that is very pretty and very cliche, making me love it even more.


Rachel is rumored (aka we already saw a photo) to be wearing a dress by the same designer, Randi Rahm, on premier night, so either she favors the designer or ABC found another way to promote someone not so subtly.


Never forget the season of The Backstreet Boys.

Again, you look gorg Rach, but ABC needs to step up their game to get me interested in this season if it’s going to be a success aka SHOW ME THE MEN.


And the bios, I really need to review those bios.


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