Girls Finale: End of an Era Ended Terribly 

Okay, I know I’m going to have some people not agree with me on this one, we probably wouldn’t be friends anyway so whatever. For those who don’t want spoilers, what are you doing here? For those who want to argue, let’s go.  I live for telling people what I know is right.


Maybe…definitely a possibility, right?

Anywho, let me start by saying I was late to the Girls train. I was in college, my friends would gather every Sunday to watch and I just couldn’t get involved. I realize now that maybe my friends knew what was coming or I was in denial, but this isn’t a show for the college student, it’s one for the graduates.



This show made so much more sense to me once I left home, left college, went back home and then left again. It made me see that my friendships that look so great in a #tbt photo from our junior year costume parties were actually pretty ratchet some times.


And that we were all selfish 99% of the time, and that was normal.

giphy (3).gif

And, just like everyone told you, boys age slower than girls and we actually cannot confirm that they will ever fully mature.


And that adulting is hard and you should celebrate even the smallest victories, even though you will judge yourself later.


And that, as you get older, love and relationships are not easy. Just another thing adults forgot to mention.


And it definitely showed me that, no, if you want to be able to afford your rent and have anything resembling a social life (which you won’t for some of your 20s because it’s not the same and you now know that you’ll get a hangover no matter how much your drink) then you cannot have “the career of your dreams” like people told you. Seriously, who started that rumor?

giphy (4).gif

Preach, Hannah.  Preach.

Well Girls ended that notion for us and I was pretty grateful. It think everyone should admit, even the Shoshs who pretended everything was peachy or the Marnie’s that really thought they were superstars just because they got the lead in their high school play, that none of us are actually doing exactly what we wanted. If you are, you are most likely a teacher or in the medical profession (and that doesn’t mean dealing Adderall) and you are the minority and I don’t want to hear from your right now.


So after all of this honesty, all of this real life drama that we pretended didn’t relate to us, but did wonder if Lena was secretly filming our lives, after all of this, Lena and her crew of genius, must have decided to phone it in….just like we do with our own lives.


Right, it could be worse.  But not as bad as this show ended.  Seriously, is that the message? This finale was so bad and half assed because we ourselves are just trying to get by and are giving a 68 percent effort in hopes that no one would notice?

Or is it that Lena wanted Twitter to explode with every feeling on the spectrum of feelings. I feel like it’s La La Land all over again where the ones who didn’t like it are being suppressed, but there are more of us than you think who hated this, Lena.


Maybe I wanted some closure. That’s asking too much since Lena doesn’t even have the answers, but she acted like she did. The Girls infidelity didn’t have the answers, but Lena seemed to be leading us to some kind of ending.  Instead she decided to make Shosh selfish and MIA all season, which was a bad call since Shosh is second in our list of favorites right behind Elijah.

giphy (4)

TMI, but okay.

And then Jessa finally was forgiven, but she too disappeared from the finale. Why? She was a way better friend than Marnie and HBO allowing Marnie to be the “better friend” in the end was just as painful as watching that 5 month old baby pretend to be a month old.

giphy (3).gif

Couldn’t we have ended it with them all dancing at Shosh’s engagement party? Still not a happy ending since they all decided not to be friends, but why did we suddenly have to rush into Marnie moving in, Marnie liking E-Cigs, Marnie wanting to be a lawyer, Marnie pretending it’s her baby and Hannah still never becoming a normal human and walking around without pants.


Lena, if that actually came from a real life moment and not from your head, society is worse off than we thought.

Last night’s finale failed us. It’s not called Hannah, it’s called Girls. Give us the Girls we loved and were selfish and mean and then sweet and caring and totally messed up just like us.


Last night’s finale failed us, but the series did not. Thank you for making all of us feel less alone and then slapping us in the face with a disappointment just like real life does.

giphy (5).gif

Thanks for nothing, Lena.

PS: GROVER? I hope you regret naming your fictional child that for the rest of your life.


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