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The Bachelorette: The Teaser is Here and it’s a Tease

My goodness, it feels like months since we have talked about anything Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise related, but it’s actually been a few weeks.


I’ve missed it, and ABC must have heard my cries because they have released the first teaser for this season of the Bachelorette starring Rachel!  I could not be more excited to see a sneak peak of what Rachel has been up to…..


Thanks for stopping me from getting my hopes up, Corn.  None of us should be excited about this teaser because ABC literally compiled all of the scenes featuring Rachel  from last season and called it a teaser.


LIES.  This is bad even for you, Christopher.

It was more like an announcement, an announcement we already knew about, because Chris Harrison spilled the beans before Rachel had even been eliminated.  It was exactly what we’ve seen before, you all should be ashamed of yourself.


I loved meeting Rachel just as much as the next person last season and appreciated her being there to help me get through having to see Nick once a week, but you can’t use that as your teaser.  I feel betrayed, hurt, angry. copy 12.gif

I have to say I love a little 5th/4th Harmony so having That’s My Girl jamming in the background was a good choice, but other than that it was just old, albeit beautiful, shots of Rachel.  I want to see Rachel’s new boy toys! I want to see her pick out the bad guys from the good and see how these guys handle the story line we know is going to carry us through this season!


I can’t imaging anyone can top the stupidity of Nick, but I would like to know.  You’ve got a month ABC.   Get your shit together, Rachel deserves better.  We all do.



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