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Heidi and Spencer Are Having a Baby, Let Us Pray

I know I said yesterday that Jax and Brittany’s show was the least surprising news ever, but that was a lie.

giphy (8).gif

Spencer and Heidi aka Speidi are having a baby and that has to be the least surprising news ever.giphy (9).gif

No it isn’t.  Some of you may actually be surprised by this news, that just makes you foolish.  You all should have known the minute LC announced her baby bump, Spencer would suddenly be all gung ho about reproducing.  If there is one thing we know about Spencer, it’s that he will do anything to kill Lauren’s shine.


But you cant, LC is untouchable.  Give it up already.

Spencer and Heidi reproducing is a little scary.  With MTV revamping every show under the sun that made them money, I worry that this could lead to a Rob and Chyna type spin off featuring their road to the baby, but really just the road to fame whoring again.


Actually, I’m calling it now, that is definitely the smart move for MTV.  Hell, I would watch, but that’s not really saying anything.  But these two are crying out for just a tiny bit of the spotlight back, and having a baby to do that isn’t beneath them. They crave their glory days.

giphy (7)

The big question is, what will the name be?  While sweet and wholesome Heidi might still be trapped somewhere inside that plastic body and would name their child Elizabeth, brainwashed Heidi and douche lord Spencer will go Hollywood on us and name it something like Moonbeam or Mercury.


Or they will name her Lauren just to mentally fuck with us….calling it now.


See, rolls right off the tongue.

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