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Vanderpump Rules: Jax and Brittany are Headed to Kentucky Muffin

In the least shocking announcement ever, Jax and Brittany are taking the pump to the podunk.


For those who didn’t know this was coming, shame on you.  Do you not stalk these people as much as me?  Wait, I think I’m the one who should actually be ashamed.


I feel better now.

Jax and Brittany are getting their own show that is taking them to Kentucky.  Obviously both Jax and Brittany are meant for the hills of Hollywood and not the Kentucky mountains, which makes this an ideal spin off. I didn’t know Jax was capable of manly things.


Considering that Jax didn’t make the best impression on Brittany’s mama when she came to visit, so I can only assume he’s going to try and redeem himself this time around.


Yeah, probably not.

I really like Jax and Brittany as a couple though and think Brittany is good for Jax.  I don’t think Jax is good for Brittany though so I’m at a crossroads in my life of cheering for what’s best for someone else and what’s best for me…


It’s hard to cheer for them when that means I’m cheering against happiness for Brittany, but I can’t help myself.  And she seems happy so, it’s okay….

Anyone thinking that this means the end of Vanderpump Rules must actually be stupid because there is no way Andy would get rid of what is probably his biggest money maker.  They don’t pay these fools half of what the housewives get and people are obsessed with them.  No, Vanderpump will be forever, this is just a spin off to hold us over.


No need to hurt yourself Lala.  The show will air this summer, giving us what we love about Vanderpump in addition to some dirt.  Genius, Bravo.  Pure genius.

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