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Kylie Jenner is Getting Her Own Spin Off

I’m actually really worried about the E! network.  I know they are only making money of the Kardashian family, but what happens when no one cares about that family anymore?

tenor (1).gif

Right, we will always care and hate ourselves for it.

So it should come as no surprise that Kylie is getting her own spin off, Life of Kylie.

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Actually, I am surprised.  I know it was probably awkward for her and Kendall to be on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and not actually be Kardashians, but her own show?  That seems excessive.

Look, I’m a Kylie fan.  I’m pretty much keeping that girl in business with all the Kylie Cosmetics I’ve bought, but otherwise she’s pretty boring.  All she does is adopt dogs, hang out with her friend Jordyn and lip sync rap songs in the car.


So now she gets a show to show us all of that?  The show should have been called Keeping Up with Kylie’s Family Tree now that Rob and Chyna had dream and made them all weirdly cousins and siblings and parents all in one.  I really have no interest in seeing girls stand in line for her pop up show and seeing her negotiate with the repo man for T’s car.


Actually, that’s a story line I’d like to see.

I’m not sure what this show will entail, besides a terrible name (who approved that, not Kris) but I know I 100% will be watching.  I’m sure E! got desperate after Rob and Chyna had their baby (I actually didn’t watch that spin off and I’m proud of myself), they already filmed the Paris robbery and no one else has decided to get knocked up.


Nobody cares, Kylie.  See this is the shit I mean, she’s probably a very nice girl, but she’s a bit monotone and blah for me.  But I guess we need to go with it since Kim pulled back on bragging about money for safety reasons and Kylie didn’t feel the need to be the same.  Maybe she and her friends will just be really extra (hate myself for saying that) and will give us the side of the Kardashians we know and love.


Sounds gripping.

I don’t have high hopes Kylie, but I do have your highlighter so I guess I’m committed whether I want to be or not.

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