As if the sugary hell that is pink rosé wasn’t enough of a hanger over to begin with, a company, conveniently called 40 Ounce Wines, has released a 40 ounce rosé.  How big is 40 ounces you may ask?

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I will admit that the pink substance is an excellent addition to any summer event, but if it doesn’t cause your head to hurt three glasses in, you may have a problem, albeit a problem I admire.


I feel like, although I will vomit shortly after consuming, there are some appropriate occasions for such a large bottle of rosé.  This screw cap bottle would be excellent for a yacht, which I do not have.  It also feels like an excellent addition to any ladies who lunch moment that I will someday be apart of, making millions of dollars and throwing shade over crab cakes.


Also, as a woman and a predictable one at that, I can’t say I am against anything pink, cliché and basic.

giphy (3).gif

I haven’t yet heard a price on this infamous bottle of sugary shit, but I feel I speak for all of us when I say, my budget will only allow for so much, so please don’t take this too far and over charge for something that will make us look trashy while pretending to be classy.

giphy (2)

Try and accommodate.

All in all, this company is doing something right by making only 40s for it’s customers.  I can say that a 40 of cab sounds like pure heaven.  I will withhold judgement on the rosé until the actual fans let me know how it is.  All I have to say is be careful because….