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Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers Are Done, Next Bachelor?

I actually am surprised with this news and I pride myself on not being surprised with anything that happens in Hollywood.  But this one hit me hard.

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But when I heard that Olivia and Aaron were donzo, I guess I just couldn’t control my emotions.  I have really enjoyed this relationship, enjoyed the dogs, the lip syncing videos.  I thought true love had actually struck in Hollywood, it seems though that I wasn’t thinking clearly.


I will also admit that Sloan Sabbith is my idol and if you don’t know who Sloan is, stop reading this now (but go ahead and share it with someone real quick) and then go watch the Newsroom and thank me later.  Seriously.  I have considered naming one of my daughters Sloan, but I have a feeling I will be cursed with all boys and have put that dream on the back burner.


I’m not as disturbed as that last paragraph made me sound, I promise.

Really, I shouldn’t have been surprised.  There has been a lot of stories circling this relationship due to the fact that Aaron has not spoken to his family since he started dating Olivia, allegedly.  It seems that they feel Olivia is not a good influence on Aaron and is the reason for this family discourse, allegedly.


This was all circulating in the news, but blew up when ABCs the Bachelorette cast Aaron’s younger brother, Jordan, as one of the contestants to win JoJo Fletcher’s love.  Shockingly, by night two we already knew JoJo was picking Jordan.  And of course, Jordan had to share with us that he didn’t talk to his brother.  That there were problems.  It was so convoluted that Olivia was besties with Jordan’s ex.


And while we at first thought Jordan was really just using this to get a dig in at his brother and get his five minutes of fame, it did become clear that Aaron did not, nor did he want to, speak to his family.  And once again the Olivia Munn story circles.


That was maybe a year ago.  And now, here we are, with Olivia and Aaron ending a three year relationship.  Does it have to do with his family?  Does it have to do with the Green Bay Packers thinking she’s cursed? Did they just actually break up and this was actually a normal and healthy relationship that we are blowing out of proportion?


I don’t know if this is really the end or if they can come back from this.  And as I have no personal interested in the Rodger’s family, I wish them luck, but my real support lies with Olivia.  Hang in there, girl.


Best case scenario, you have more time on your hands and HBO brings back a spin off of Newsroom. That actually would be a dream come true.

And Aaron can always try out for the Bachelor, worked for Jordan…right?


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