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Kim Kardashian Sex Tap Turns 10-Years-Old

In the old days of celebrities, people would scrape and claw to make it to fame.  Kim Kardashian changed the game 10 years ago when her sex tape was leaked featuring her and then boyfriend Ray-J and instead of clawing her way to the top…..actually I think she might have used claws to get there too.


But it’s different.  You used to require talents to be famous.  Kim may be talented in ways we will never know (wink wink) but that’s not what go her to the top.  It was her momager who did that.


So disturbing.

After Kim’s sex tape was leaked all those years ago, the Kardashian’s began building an empire around it rather than hiding away in Calabasas.  Kim and Mommager Kris made the most of an unfortunate event and made the entire family famous, all because Kim trusted a not so trustworthy, and very scrawny, boy.  Can you imagine Kim’s reaction when she found out that very private moment was leaked?



But mom knew what to do.  As Kim’s video became more and more popular, Kris began making the most of Kim’s drama.  She booked appearances, put her on red carpets.  She made sure Kim used this sex tape to her advantage and made her a star.  She even wanted to trade mark the name “mammager” she was so good at what she did.


I mean, what a support system she has.

Ten years we’ve been seeing the Kardashians grow into the family they are.  It took some work with the other children, but now she has several famous grand-babies, Khloe’s banging body, Kylie’s lips and whatever else she’s doing and Kendall being a supermodel.  It was a hard road to get these kids to where they are today….


But she did it.  Congrats, Kim, but more so, congrats Kris.  Way to keep up with the Kardashian’s.


Duh, she is.

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