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Blac Chyna Can’t Be a Kardashian, But She Still Has Her Dream

In the least shocking news ever, Blac Chyna did not win the right to trademark Angela Kardashian.


Really, did she have a chance? Besides the fact that she and Robby are more on again off again than Scott and Kourtney, Chyna has been losing her shit on Twitter and acting very unkardashian like. You never stood a chance girl.


That isn’t important right now, Rob.

Hell, Kourt, Khloe and Kim wouldn’t even let their own mother change her name back to Kardashian.


I think Chyna made a huge miscalculation here.  She named her daughter Dream Angela Kardashian. Her legal name is Angela Kardashian. Chyna, you dumb ass, you could have named your daughter Angela Kardashian, nicknamed her Dream until you realized that was a stupid name. Then you probably could have won your trademark battle because she was Angela too.

Now, all she’s good for is a perfume line called Dream Kardashian or a pornstar. Really, you failed.



Good luck with the last name White. And I wouldn’t try and trademark that one, Snow White kind of has the market cornered.


Soooo you’re screwed.  Sorry not sorry.

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