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Trading Spaces is Coming Back, Took Them Long Enough

After years of garbage television, TLC is finally realizing how badly they failed us.  We used to go to TLC for everything. Was it always good? Probably not. But we still loved it. And then they screwed everything up.


We had the drama of Sister Wives, which while disturbing, gave us another man to despise.  Then we had the glimpse into our future with Toddlers in Tiaras. Seriously, I was obsessed with that show, but we are screwed if those children are the future.


I blame your mother, someday I will blame you.

With the good though came the bad. They filled our TVs with Honey Boo  Boo and company and only finally removed them when Mama June said something offensive…like they hadn’t offended us enough.

giphy (4).gif

Then they gave us Jon and Kate Plus Eight, then took away Jon because he was scum and we all stopped watching because it wasn’t as fun to watch Kate beat herself up as opposed to beating Jon up.  We love you though Kate, and congrats on ditching that loser.


Then there were the Duggars.  I can say little else besides I knew this was a bad idea from the start, and I was proven right after their oldest son became a huge creeper.  And even after all that TLC still floods our TVs with the spin offs of the daughters getting married and pregnant while trying to pretend that they hadn’t raised a perv.


You never fooled us TLC.

What we want are the good old days….and TLC is finally listening.  That’s right, after 10 years of torture, TLC is bringing back Trading Spaces.

giphy (5).gif

Happy days are here again.  How could you not love Vern and Genevieve and Ty and Paige Page and Heidi? Vern would do a good job, while you knew you were getting the short end of the stick if Heidi was your designer.  It was TV gold, our first glimpses into home reno shows and some of the best reality TV out there. You know I’m right.

Now, we don’t know who will be returning for this reboot in 2018, but I am hoping to see some familiar faces.  And some really upset neighbors, gimme the good stuff, TLC.


I swear if they bring back this show and make it all good designs and don’t glue hay to the wall or toilets to the ceiling, I will not be pleased.  Good luck, Trading Spaces.  TLC, try not to fuck this up.  I’ll be watching.



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