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Yolanda Hadid Has a New Show, Move Over Tyra

It’s almost been an entire season since Yolanda was featured on our television, defending herself over the Munchhausen accusations.  That’s not precisely true since we flip back to that never ending story line every once in a while now, seriously, can we give it a rest?

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Yolanda was given the option of being a “friend” of the Housewives this year and she took that as Bravo being rude and told them no.  I think Bravo was just trying to give her time for her recovery, but whatever Yolanda, can’t say I miss you.

Now, Yolanda seems to be much recovered and is headed back to television.  Though not to Bravo.  Yoyo will be taking on Lifetime (wow) and starring as the host/adviser/mentor on a new show, “Model Moms”.  I mean, Lifetime already has “Dance Moms” which I still secretly (not a secret anymore) love, and if it’s anything like that then I’m totally down.  Unfortunately, it’s not.  It’s pretty much America’s next top model, but with Yolanda.  And models + their moms.  Now, it’s hard to say who she’s mentoring more, the moms or the daughters, but maybe this is a good role for her.


JK, she’s going to suck at this, she still doesn’t understand television.

So what could Yolanda teach them?  Well, a lot actually.  She has been a model and raise 2.5 models, so she knows both sides of this wonky show.  She also knows about dieting.


She will teach you how to get ahead and snag those big campaigns.


She will teach the girls she really likes how you handle being a top model and how you need to cut the fat from your supposed squad.


She will teach you ways to deceive the public into thinking you are a normal, every day girl who likes to eat, when really you can’t eat anything if you want to make it to the top.


And she will teach them moms how to be stage moms without being obnoxious like Lisa Rinna.


So while this show wont be the most interesting thing on TV, or maybe even on Lifetime, I’m sure this super original concept (aka nothing like “America’s Next Top Model”) will still attract those of us who will try anything once with a housewife….wait, that sounded wrong.

Good luck, Yo.  And good luck to the young girls who probably were told that a Hadid was the host and are expecting Gigi or Bella.  Try not to look two heart broken on set.



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