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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Are Dating, Meet J. Rod

Jenny isn’t just from the block, she’s been around the block a few times.


It seems the older she gets (not that she physically ages) the more sexy the men get.  First there was Diddy.  Or Puff Daddy?  Or was it P. Diddy?  Whatever he was when you knew him, he and Jenny had a moment that none of us want to forget, except Jennifer.


Then there was Ben Affleck, which, kudos Jen, you were blessed to have avoided that mess.  He is a hot mess right now going through more midlife crisises than is normal for a man in Hollywood and he made you do those terrible movies, Jersey girl and Gigli, which is actually considered one of the worst movies of all time.

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And then none of us were jealous when she married and procreated with Marc Anthony.  I don’t care how stunning you are, risking your genes with that face is not a good idea (that goes for you too, Bey).

anigif_enhanced-15901-1419378024-11 (1).gif

Let’s try and stay on topic, okay?

Then Jennifer went on to date Casper Smart, aka a nobody who was a backup dancer.  I can’t blame him that he fell in love while starring at that ass all day, but he still is nothing to look at.  But then shit got real because J. Lo went off and started “dating” Drake.  Drake who was in love with RiRi and she probably took advantage of his broken heart.



Drake was just a flash in the pan though.  It was just her leading up to someone even more impressive, Mr. Alex Rodriquez.  Now, to be honest, while A. Rod is hot, he has also been around the block a few times more than even J. Lo.  I would hope that both of these floozies requested the other get tested before they sealed the deal, between the two of them someone had to have caught something.  And if there is one person who has dated more than J. Lo in this industry, it’s Alex.

giphy (1).gif

We all are, hun.  Don’t blame yourself.

Whatever happens here, I hope it lasts.  Jenny has a long residency in Vegas and needs a man to support her, not a man to support (sorry Casper) and maybe Alex is the one.  And maybe she’ll pull a Janet Jackson and have a baby at 50-year-old?


That would be a power move, fo sho.



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