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The Bachelor: Vanessa Got a Celine

Vanessa takes this all VERY seriously people, she said so herself. I’d be serious about “finding love” if it meant I’d find myself with a brand new Celine bag. That’s right, Miss Oh-So-Serious and Only-Getting-Engaged-Once has found herself to be the proud owner of a Celine bag. Now, I’m going to assume that her teaching paycheck couldn’t buy this bag. I know things are better in Canada, but let’s be realistic, shall we?


Don’t give me that look.

This means that either her Italiano familia bought it for her bday (possible), she made a lot of money from being “the lead” (her words, not mine) this season or we are going to have a lot of pissed off bachelors and bachelorettes because she got a Celine bag as opposed to a hair gummy and diffy deal.


Let’s just get straight to the point here which is, however she got the bag, it’s not a good look for someone who has been accused many times for being a fake and using this show for her own gain. Everyone else uses it for their own gain too, but there is a difference between Diffy sunglasses and that bag. Most everything doesn’t compare to that bag.


Says the girl who never watched an entire season.  You definitely have something to prove, you have to prove you aren’t the snake people think you are.  And you failed.   I don’t like you and I don’t trust you, but the bag is perfection, we are all jealous.


At least you’re honest.  Kudos, biatch.

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