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The Bachelor: Almost Bachelor Luke is Throwing Major Shade

For someone who had a lot of beautiful men on her season, we really weren’t left with a lot of options at the end of Joelle Fletcher’s season.  But one man did stand out from the crowd, Mr. Luke Pell.


While Luke was the most dramatic kisser in the history of the show, he was cute and did have potential. Not cute enough for me to probably make it through the entire season of those kisses though, why was he so intimate and slow???


Makes me feel like I’m watching a Hallmark movie…and that’s insulting Hallmark.

Regardless, he was the obvious choice. He was the choice ABC made, practically moved in and everything until Nick Viall swooped in and stole the role. Seriously, what does this man have on ABC or Chris Harrison that he keeps getting to annoy us?

giphy (5).gif

So many secrets.

So sadly, Luke was out. And we will probs see him in Paradise this season unless his country music tour is already scheduled, and I want to see him. But it seems someone is still a bitter Betty about not getting his promised gig because he has called Nick out, calling him a narcissist.

tenor (1)

You can’t, it’s just who you are, hun.

In and interview with In Touch (so sad that it’s come to In Touch for Luke) he said that he’s gotten a lot of “unsolicited feedback” from people and they are not happy with Nick as the Bachelor.  It’s called Twitter, Luke, don’t get fancy and call it “feedback”. Anywho, he said people were over seeing Nick and instead of giving the people what they want and leaving the spotlight and our televisions, he “chose to do the most narcissistic thing you could do” aka Dancing With the Stars.

giphy (2)

It seems Nick also talked to US Weekly for some reason and said he would have been a “more open” Bachelor and not been “pretentious and closed off”. Luke seems to be turning on his Bachelor family, which I feel like is a no no in their contracts. All these Eskimo brothers and sisters are friends, but Luke is speaking out: Nick is the worst.


Thank you for your honesty, Luke. We wish it had been you, but hopefully we can see you on Paradise.

PS Please dump Danielle L. I’m thinking Sarah may be the lady for you.


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