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The Bachelor: Luke and Danielle L. are Dating

Gag me.

Seriously though, I would have put money on the fact that if it was going to be a Danielle that fell for Luke, it would 100% be Danielle M. Girlfriend has been featured in not one but TWO country music videos (by artists we don’t know) and has a sweet innocent thing about her that screams country fan, but we know is just a testament to her acting classes.

source (10).gif

But no, it’s Danielle L. who has started dating Luke from Joelle’s season.  Danielle who couldn’t like form a like complete like sentence.  Granted, the girl has a bangin bod, but does she have much going on upstairs?

giphy (14).gif

Tits, yes. Brain, questionable.

And let’s not forget the elephant in the room of the fact that Luke was supposed to be the next Bachelor, had all but moved into the mansion and then ABC swapped him out for Nick.  So, did Danielle want to date Luke initially and only found out he wasn’t there when she first stepped out of the limo, but stayed and still fell in love, rather quickly I’d like to mention?


And rather dramatically, why does she compare love to falling from a cliff??

Or is she a fame whore like 90% (I will exclude Christen, Rachel and Alexis from this) of the ladies and just wanted to be on television?   Let me answer this question for you, it’s the second one.  And this girl is still upset that she didn’t realize America chose Rachel for their Bachelorette week one and no one told her until the Women Tell All.

source (12).gif

Even if it wasn’t Rachel, definitely wasn’t going to be you girl.

Whatever the case, Luke has told an unreliable but still usable source (US Weekly, obviously) that he and Danielle L. are just “hanging out”. AKA you two are just hooking up and you would really prefer that Bachelor Nation does not run away with this story and start planning your wedding.  Fair….but probably not happening.


Good luck, Luke.  Watch out for any references to like cliffs.

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