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RHONY: It Has Arrived

That’s right people, the Real Housewives of New York are back for season 9.  Ever since #pantygate happened on Beverly Hills, we have been counting down the days until something worthwhile returned to Bravo (no offensive ATL, we love you too).

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Sorry, Ramona, you’re right.  Back to the real reason we are here, New York is back!  Actually, the first trailer has been revealed, but it delivered just as much as an entire season might so everyone is losing their god damn minds on twitter.  Seriously, I will be heart broken if this season doesn’t live up to it’s trailer.  IT WAS EVERYTHING. And let’s give a shout out to whoever edited this masterpiece because the background music was SPOT ON.

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First, let’s address the most obvious revelation the trailer brought us: Jill Zarin.

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Seriously though, why? All we see is a glimpse of Jill saying “That is so obnoxious”, and I have two assumptions as to why she is back.  One, LuAnn’s wedding.  The Countess is getting married this season and we have already seen that Jill was invited over many of the current housewives.  Two, Jill is a fan of Mr. Donald Trump and we know that the other ladies do not feel the same way so Bravo wanted some not-so-subtle pot stirring.  Whatever the case, don’t get too comfortable, Jillian.  You remember what happened last time aka 6 seasons ago?



Next, Tinsley whatever her name is.  Tinsley is the newest housewife in a slot that can never be held for long.  And supposedly, no matter how good this casting looked on paper with her former socialite status and highly dramatized breakup and breakdown, this new addition does not pan out either.  It’s been said that Tinsley does not bring what she ought to have brought to the table and is a real bore.  Luckily, the other women have proved to be anything but boring.

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We also see The Countess trying on wedding dresses.  We already know that Lu made it down the aisle so we lose that dramatic effect, but that doesn’t mean that the women wont still focus on Tom for more than half the season, hoping to save her from herself.  Bethenny seems to be concerned to the point of uncontrollable sobs and I have to hope that she had one too many skinny margs.  No one should put that much energy or thought into Lu’s relationships, not even Lu.

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But the biggest drama in my opinion is not the sketchy fiance or the new girl or the old girl.  It’s the sight of Sonja Morgan downing a margarita pitcher.  Hallelujah.  While Sonja is funny sober or drunk, Sonja still got ostracized last season even when she was sober.  It’s not worth it with these women and it seems she has finally turned back to the jungle juice and I couldn’t be happier.


Between Sonja drinking, LuAnn de-countessing, and these women getting all political all while half the cast is single, I cannot wait to see what the actual season of NY has in store for us.  Don’t let us down ladies.

No word yet on Sonja’s toaster oven line.

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