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The Bachelor: Nick Viall is a Cockroach, Joining DWTS

No really, he is. Think about it. First Andi’s season. Then Kaitlin’s. Then what some people considered empowered but I considered pathetic season of Bachelor in Paradise. And then, some middle age executive who is of the show who realsted to desperate Nick thought that this man deserved a fourth chance at public humiliation.


Don’t remind me.

And since we know that Nick will not be finding love, nor does he actually want to, it should come as no surprise that ABC has found another way to shove him down our throats for another year. Dancing With the Stars.


I mean, it’s really the best platform to shove any celebrity in our face one more time, hoping that we can maybe care about them again. Olympians are the only ones who are doing this out of boredom, everyone else just needs a paycheck. Especially Nick Viall who has not had a job in software sales for years, and probably never did.


Don’t lie, you haven’t held a full time job in years.

The only reason I will be watching this season of DWTS is not because of my dedication to the Bachelor franchise. No, I will be forcing myself to watch Nick dance only because I want to see Erika Jayne showing the world who Erika Jayne is.

So yes, Nick will return for what actually seems to be a good cast of characters, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he is a cockroach. He will never die. I suspect they will even have to make a spin off series for Nick, Bachelor Rehab: The Last Resort.

giphy (8).gif

I would wish you luck, but you don’t need it, Nick.  You will come back to haunt us again another daym, I look forward to the train wreck that is you dancing.


Calling it now, he will do this move at some point, mark my words.

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