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RHONY: Alex McCord is a Shrink

It has been over five years since we have seen Alex McCord on Real Housewives of New York.  While we have been through many cast members since, I believe few have held a candle to Alex.  Her asinine comments, entitled attitude, dramatics and sheer ridiculousness are things that we look for in a housewife, but rarely can find.


Truly, it’s a compliment.

If you recall, Alex lived in Brooklyn, a large point of contention for every other New York housewife who had to make the trek to her never ending construction zone of a home.  She lived with her two boys, Johan and Francois, and of course, Simon.  How could we ever forget Alex’s husband, Simon?


The last we heard, Alex and company moved to Australia, never to be heard from again.  Until now.  Andy Cohen has revealed that there is an updated in the McCord home: Alex is now a psychiatrist.


Yes,  Alex has become a psychiatrist.  It’s a far cry from her former job as a visual whatever for Victoria’s Secret, but I do feel like this might be a good job for Alex.  Think about it, she has a lot of qualities that would make for a good shrink.  First, she is really good at reading people.


She also senses what a person needs in their darkest moments.


And she’s a straight shooter, telling you what you may not want to hear, but need to hear.


Sorry, not sorry, Jill.

So really, this might be an excellent transition for Alex.  Is it her true calling. No, we all know she belongs back in New York amongst her fellow housewives.  But maybe, if she really wanted to continue with this new passion, she could come back to New York and practice.  I can think of a few ladies who may be in need of a shrink…if they don’t have one already.


Yeah, it may be too late actually.  But congrats, Alex.  We will you well and hope that some Aussie hires you.

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