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RHOBH: Erika Jayne Makes DWTS Cool Again

ABC made the mistake of casting Nick Viall in yet another one of it’s competition shows, making most people decide that there was now reason to watch this season of Dancing with the Stars, not that there ever was.

But ABC knows how to twist our arm when it comes to seeing Nick again and has cast as Erika Jayne as one of the other contestants.


Yes, Erika is coming to ABC. Erika is the sparkle in what has become a fairly boring Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  For those of you who don’t know Erika (shame), she is the calm, cool and collected lady dancing on table tops through out clubs across the world.


Erika’s alter ego will serve her well in competing for the Mirror Ball trophy (can’t believe I knew the name of that).  She has no fear, and, while not as much of a technical dancer as some of the other competitors, girlfriend has personality for days.

Erika brings a lot to the already boring show.  First, she has her own music, no need for the terrible background singer, Erika can do it all.


She already has a signature dance move, though maybe not kosher for primetime tv. Don’t care though, I will be watching for this move.


And she knows her lane and she sticks to it.


And let’s not forget, she’s insanely stunning.

Anyone saying that Erika is settling by signing up for this show…SHAME. ON. YOU. Erika does not settle.  Erika Jayne is a trailblazer and a goddess who is going to breath life into a franchise on its last leg.  Whoever suggested casting Erika, you are a genius.  I know one new viewer who will be calling in each week to support this enigma.


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