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The Oscars: And the Oscar Goes to…Nope, Not You

First, let’s just give credit where credit is due.  Jimmy Kimmel, you did an excellent job last night hosting the Oscars.  Unfortunately, I believe you have already stated you will not be returning and I can’t blame you.  All that hard work and people are only going to remember the ending.


No, Jimmy, it wasn’t your fault. After a funny, successful award show, Price Waterhouse decided that any press is good press, even for them, and screwed up the end of the show. They gave Warren Beatty the wrong envelope for Best Picture and La La Land was read as the winner, when really it was Moonlight.


Ryan, you’re gorgeous, but you did lose.  This isn’t a debate.

I find it extremely concerning that the people in charge of our taxes could not correctly seal an envelope. I mean, these people are in charge oh multi million dollar companies.  And then they hand the wrong envelope to a senile old man and even he knew something was wrong.


You tried to make a scapegoat out of Warren, we won’t let you.

While I am happy La La Land didn’t win (I hated it and I think there are more people like me out there, we have just been fear mongered to not admit it) but never would I want them to lose like that.  To begin their acceptance speeches, only to have a little man run around grabbing the awards from you…


Chrissy unfortunately was asleep for the award show so we don’t know how she would have reacted to her husband losing, but we can assume.

Regardless, now, instead of talking about Jimmy Kimmel’s raise next year, the not so subtle political jabs and fugly dresses, we will only ever focus on those final moments of sheer chaos.  Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?


Congrats to Moonlight and Jimmy Kimmel on a successful evening, apologies to La La Land and good luck to Price Waterhouse…you’re going to need it.


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