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Lonely Boy Lonely No More

Hey Upper East Siders,

Spotted, Lonely Boy with a lady of his own finally.  After S left him for the beautiful Ryan Reynolds and B left him for a boy from the OC, you’d think our little friend would give up on love.


You cant kill love, Dan.  That’s why none of us should have been surprised to see Lonely Boy with a new leading lady.  Dan has finally moved on, so much so that this weekend he and his lady bird showed up at the court house to tie the knot.


No, sir.  You did so much more than that.  You conquered your fears and allowed yourself to be loved.

And since shows about teenage and millennial angst must cross over, Dan has attached himself to Domino Kirke, aka Jemima Kirke’s sister, aka Jemma from HBO’s Girls. I seriously think everyone from Gossip Girl is just trying to form the best power couple/family ever.


Whatever Lonely Boy, no one can compete with Blake and Ryan.

Congrats to the happy couple.  I can only imagine who Chuck Bass and Mr. Archibald will pair themselves off with, but I feel like we have years before those two settle down.


You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

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